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Building Brands For Bestsellers

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You have great books… yet all you hear is crickets 🦗

There are some pity purchases from friends and family but that's it.

It's time to transform your brand to stand out in the publishing world and beyond.


From personal branding for authors to strategic growth for publishers, I tailor your brand for success at every stage. 

In the age of the creator, the brands that produce outstanding content and truly connect with their audience's needs and aspirations are the ones that will win.

Building a brand is the BEST way to sell your book or service and achieve your dreams.

Books are a launchpad to new opportunities.

Let's explore where you want to take it!

How it works

Free discovery call

Strategy Sessions

Brand Design

Website Design

Social Media

Content Strategy

Frameworks For You

Every author, entrepreneur and publishing house is different. That's why I create a strategy that's based around you and your needs. 

First we choose the frameworks by working out exactly what your goals are and what we need to discover.

Next, we will work together in my interactive workshops and make sure all our assumptions are backed up with research.

Finally, I will provide you with a comprehensive roadmap for your brand and work out where best to invest your money. 

I also offer full branding services, working with you myself or with other experts. This is to ensure you're working with people who understand your vision, feel your passion, and have all the skills to achieve it. 

I can be there every step of the way or I can leave you with the roadmap and some contacts.  

The choice is yours. 

What People Say...

I am truly impressed at your grasp of a subject area that I doubt you knew much of anything about prior to meeting me. You have some very solid insights about the topic that are quite valuable and offer some potential product lines I hadn’t considered before.

Current Client

Abbie has a comprehensive knowledge of the publishing industry, and an ability to analyse and plan effective solutions to problems. She goes out of her way to be supportive and helpful, and give wise and measured advice.

Emily Angus

Abbie is extremely professional, intelligent and efficient, with excellent project management and communication skills as well as a wealth of technical knowledge. She also has a warm and friendly personality.

Caroline Elliker


Fuelled by a passion for books and a decade in publishing, I'm here to navigate the rapid changes in the industry with you.

I understand the industry and I have the brand strategy frameworks that can propel your brand presence, messaging and redefine what success in publishing looks like. 

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